I started weaning the boy child this week. After weeks of stealing food off our plates, opening his little mouth when everyone else ate and generally more than hacked off with the smell of food I decided he could wait no longer. At nearly 5 months the advice is wait till 6 but in all honestly he’s more than ready and so was his sister. Also I have high hopes his ability to vomit across the room will ease once he has something more solid than milk. The white daily showers are starting to grate.

I confess, I’m not the over enthusiastic mother about the process second time around. I’m so lazy. I couldn’t wait with my daughter and was so eager for every new phase, in a way I still am with her, but with my son I feel very different. I want to cherish his baby years, as he’ll probably be my second and last baby, so I don’t want him to grow up. That and the general arse-ache of having to sort out yet another meal and create yet more mess and then take out even more damn bags when I leave the house. If he could live on milk till he was able to cook I’d probably do that. 

We’d given my daughter home-grown pears for her first tastes, pears from my Nana’s and in-laws’ garden. And so I wanted to do similar for my son. How bloody pretentious of me. I wanted to wear Boden scarves and play Classic FM while spooning the wholesome home-grown fayre into his willing mouth. The latter bits of that are a joke. Although Classic FM has now replaced Radio 1 because I am ageing and quite frankly cannot cope with the music they play.

Each to their own but we won’t be doing entirely organic as quite frankly by the age of one he’ll be shoving in a whole host of foods into his mouth. His sister has already shoved a crabstick in there, some cheese (he’s lactose intolerant), her cows’ milk bottle and the other day I walked in to find she has rather carefully placed a cheese string in his little paw to aid his eating. I prised the disgusting, partly melted warm cheddar from his finger. 

And will we be purees or baby-led?

I laugh now when I remember the discussions about baby-led weaning. The whole idea that you mustn’t give them purees as they can chew on a chop if you just give them the chance. As one of my best friends, who is a true voice of wisdom on this parenting malarky, said to me at the time: “everyone does baby-led weaning as we all give them things to hold and try, it’s just had a poncy new name and been treated as a whole approach”. She’s so right. 

Far too much theory, far too much pressure and far too many people voicing what you should do. So this time I haven’t even refreshed my mind on what I should and shouldn’t do, but will just plough in. 

And so he had apple – grown in the in-laws’ garden – pureed and he was curious initially before grabbing the spoon and starting to shovel it into his eager little chops before I had to practically hose the poor boy down from the fruit shower. Tomorrow I’m going to give him some bits and possibly mashed up carrot. Must get out the enormous revolting large plastic mat for the floor. Joy.


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