I have parental Tourette’s

I have parental Tourette’s. Although I am not a doctor, have no clinical background or experience I have diagnosed myself. We all have google right?!

My mum has it too. Clear cases, I guess it’s a case of living with our condition.

It was confirmed the other day when I was in the car with my mum and we both started off: “sheep” “cow” “ambulance, ooo”. 

No children were with us, but we were clearly announcing the world around us. The thing is – my mum has never stopped doing this. Even at the age of 35 she does it, and I realise never really stopped. And now me too. Driving by myself I’ve realised it’s an immediate reaction to shout “nee-naaaaaw” on sight of a police car or fire engine. It’s practically impossible to not start counting horses if I see them.

And my exaggerated “wooows” on a rare sighting of a helicopter is a particular favourite, children in car or not. 



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