5 men from the 80s I have a secret crush on

Last night I watched St Elmo’s Fire. What a film. It is THE 80s. Big hair, solo saxophone scenes, dodgy layers in hair, a lot of smoking, pseudo yuppies, money, money money, screwing over everyone and long nails. Special times.

And it reminded me of all those yummy men I fancied in my sexually formative years. Those years when wearing green denim jeans was apparently attractive. When I claimed a perm was the best option for my hair. Before the time draining occupation of social media and selfies to show you the error of your green-jeans and perm ways.

Here’s my top five fit 1980s men:

  • Andrew McCarthy. St Elmo’s Fire, Pretty in Pink, Mannequin. I know, I know, not your typical sex bomb, but what a sensitive kind man. He was the nice guy. The guy we all should’ve fancied. And now I’m a mum, I get it. Marry the nice guy. Fancy Andrew McCarthy, not bad boy River Phoenix. The latter will get you nowhere, well quite literally with him being dead and all.
  • Tom Selleck. Just because my mum has always had a crush on him, doesn’t make it wrong. He whet my appetite in Friends and the dark horse continues to mature like a damn fine wine. I’m here for supping.
  • Brad Pitt. 80s, 90s, 00s, now. You just would, you know you would. Jennifer, Angelina, whatever. He’s surely on the “if I met one celebrity and had a pass” list???
  • Zac from Saved By The Bell. If ever there was a man who made me ask to set the VHS player it was him. I remember an entire summer when there were tapes full of the programme. And now, there are days when I wish I still had them. Then I remember I’m 36 and to get over it.
  • Jason Donovan/Scott Robinson. I’d actually forgotten Scott was played by a dark-haired suck for a year, but we all remember Scott as our lovely Jason. Mullet and all, we loved him more than Going Live of a Saturday morning. Good times my friends, good times. “Suddenly you’re seeing me…just the way I am”.

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