Who made me the cook, keeper, candlestick maker and household organiser?

Every few days I have this little thing I do, well mean to do every day, but do as often as I can: I organise our family socially.

I put stuff in my diary of things we could (or should) do. Either stuff with family, friends or things happening in the local areas we may want to do.

And with the latter, I have a dirty desire to ensure I know most of what is going on around, so I pick up any kind of newsletter going.


My name is Lucy and I am a leaflet whore. I am crazy for this shit. I scan, I circle and I insert any potential “fun” activity into my (now it’s October it’s getting a bit grubby) diary.

I do this because, if it wasn’t for me, we would basically sit in our small three-bed semi clawing the walls. My husband takes absolutely no responsibility for this. And it pisses me off. So it becomes another task for me to do. I confess I do like to be organised, and although I really should move on from a paper diary to one of those new fangled online jobbies, I like things in order.

Gathering as the look of my sofa and view next you me you wouldn’t guess this, but this is a work in progress.

So now, I shall go through all those little leaflets, little booklets, little newsletter you wonder who picks up (me me meeee), and insert all the dates in the diary. Because at the weekend, if Mr MotherFudger says “what shall we doooooo” I will be able to give him a very clear and organised response.


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