50 Things That Make Me Happy

I’ve been tagged by Emma at Hey There House (great blog, read it) to write my 50 Things That Make Me Happy. I feel damn lucky in life at the moment, and feeling quite emosh about it, so I will enjoy this gushy lovely list of things that are all good (I know, no moaning, what a bloody surprise, usual service will resume again soon):

1. Dinner parties. One last night, another planned for next Saturday. Let’s bring back the 80’s trend.

2. Homegrown allotment produce. I moan constantly about it, but secretly love the haul we get.

broad beans

3. Eastenders. Judge me, go on.

4. Cuddling. A 20-second cuddle kicks off the production of oxytocin (the love hormone) don’t cha know.

5. Catching up with old friends. Had a recent meet up with a fabulous old colleague I haven’t seen for 2 years. Made me remember just what always made me smile about them. Making the effort is always worth it.

6. Gooseberries. See recent post!

7. My children running in for their morning cuddle. Bestest feeling ever.

8. Mr MF making crazy house design suggestions that I immediately say “oh good god no” to, then start really loving the idea. “Minecraft torch lights in the dining room”…”let’s do a lego wall”.


Magnetic chalkboard, although this was actually my idea. We are seriously planning the Lego wall.

9. Writing, stuff, about real life people and my kids and things and places and stuff.

10. My children’s laughter.

11. The fat cat we spot from next door. “Hello fat cat”.

12. Going to festivals.


Cider and wine will do that to your selfie. We’re both mums. We were just pleased to be out. It’s been a long time.

13. Pictures my daughter draws. This is rare, I savour every little masterpiece. See featured image. Boychild, hurry up moving on from those ‘amazing’ scribbles.

14. My new mug from my sister.


15. Crisps. Skips, McCoys, Frazzles, Tyrells. Hmmmmm crisps.

16. Mr MF giving me surprise flowers:


17. Watching the children play while they make up little stories about what is happening.

18. Coffee

19. Friday nights.

20. Finding missing pieces of toys I’ve been searching for for weeks. Parental nirvana.

21. The shop Tiger.

22. And Ikea.

23. My new house.

24. Buying fabulous shit for the new house.

25. My car. Honest. Should join some kind of twatty group for Vauxhall Zafira groupies. Can’t get enough. SEVEN SEATS people, SEVEN FUCKING SEATS. I’ve blogged about this before…here….and here because I love it that much.

26. Finding a box set Mr MF and I love. Currently Silicon Valley. Was Stella. Mad Men before that. We’ve done all the Hugh Fearnley W’s. We are eclectic in our taste.

27. He doesn’t love this – but I do:


28. Friends. All of you. You know who you are and you enrich my life because you’re a part of it.

29. My family. Spoilt with a damn good bunch both sides.

30. My magazine subscriptions. You can mock my monthly Prima all you like, but I lovessss it.

31. Doing puzzles with the girl and boychild. Love their sense of achievement at finishing it.

32. Camping.

33. Camp things.

34. My mum’s sandwiches. No-one’s taste anywhere near as good.

35. My sister’s quiche. See note above.

36. Stomping through a forest on an autumn day.

37. Not caring that I’m 37 years old. Age, pah, who cares.

38. Role play. Yup, I am that office weirdo.

39. Kilner jars. This one has black beans in it. It makes a nice noise when I shake it. Hmmm Kilner jars.


40. Mr MF holding my foot when we watch telly.

41. Chinese fortune cookies:

IMG_4296 (1)

42. Dreaming of visiting New York.

43. Big windows.

44. I love that my mum asked her surgeon for her gall stones because I wanted to look at them. Childhood dream to be a doctor never died. Awesome gore detailing on them too! Shant post a pic.

45. My mum’s endless support in being my mum.

46. My dad’s sheer motivation to continue to achieve in life.

47. My sister’s ability to totally ‘get me’ whatever I say/think/feel.

48. Mr MotherFudger. Cupid got it so right.

49. This fabulous little girl “I want to pick flowers for you mummy”.

IMG_4437 (1)

50. This bloody adorable boy “Mummy can we have ‘big’ eggs”



7 thoughts on “50 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. I was very touched and almost tearful too. Love’s ya so much my darling baby girl! All my love Nana Fudger.

  2. Lovely list Lucy! I’m with you on magazine subscriptions. I’m genuinely full of joy that a wrapped copy of Sainsbury’s mag has winged its way to my doorstep today.

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