I know how to treat the kids

Don’t you love those days when you have planned nothing to do with the kids? I don’t know another parent who disagrees that a day at home with the kids without a playdate, shop trip, soft play, visitor or excessively-priced-but-sanity-saving outing is involved is a blood tough day. We found ourselves with one of those days recently. By 3pm we’d all had enough and before the onslaught of witching hour, I decided we would venture out. I know how to treat my kids I thought. I know where we’ll go…. roadworks 3 TO SEE THE ROADWORKS. Yup, we went for a wander to see the men dig up the road. “Look kids, it’s like Mr Bull in Peppa Pig…<insert my best Mr Bull voice>’let’s dig up the rooooooad’.”. I was like the best PR person for what has to be the shittest outing ever. Then I took on the role of a patronising school teacher and started pointing out elements that quite frankly they could see with their own eyes…”ooooo men with hard hats on….woooooooow there’s a big drill…..look at the huge pipe.” The kids were curious for all of about 2 minutes, before the girlchild put her hands over her eyes at the sheer volume of noise of the pneumatic drill and asked to go home. But they did do some kind of little dance along the path. Coming in the for the close up: roadworks cropped That made the afternoon to be honest. Then we walked home, I gave in to icecreams, more TV and clock watching till Mr MotherFudger came home.


One thought on “I know how to treat the kids

  1. I remember thinking many years ago, when our children were babbies, that “sometimes we can try too hard”. “Just let them enjoy not being told to enjoy themselves” we thought. Or, was that our excuse for NOT making as much effort as we, or I, should have? However, look at our two babbies now – Quod erat demonstrandum I think.

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