8 things you’re guaranteed at a blogging conference

If you don’t blog, or are unlikely to ever blog in your life, I won’t lie to you – this probably ain’t the read for you. If you are a little curious then continue my friend…

Having been to a blogging conference today (Britmums Live 16), my lazyarse slackness in blogging on MotherFudger made me think I really do need to pull my finger out of my proverbial and write summat.

me and dummies

So as I’ve been at a conference this is what’s in my head right now – all the things guaranteed at a blogging conference:

  1. Cake. Jeeeeez how much cake and biscuits and more cake is there? Probably now have type II diabetes from today’s sugar overload.
  2. Jargon. It’s hard to escape it from any particular world, and blogging ain’t no different. Word of the day ‘collab’ as in collaboration…as in collaborating with your blogging brothers and sisters my friends. You ain’t anyone if you ain’t doing a collab. I clearly ain’t anyone then.
  3. Ability to go feral for freebies. They are aplenty, of which I absolutely love. Love in a way that I turn into my eight-year-old self who cannot stop collecting them and hunting them out. I am the queen of the loiter awaiting that ‘would you like a goodie bag?’ to which I will ALWAYS reply ‘yes, yes I would thank you’. Another free pen with the name of the venue on it. YES PLEASE, because quite frankly I don’t have enough at home.
  4. See a fellow blogger you recognise. Always a bit weird. Someone you follow on social media, or whose blog you’ve read. Sometimes they don’t look anything like themselves. Sometimes it’s totally obvious. Do you say hi or walk on by?
  5. Enter competitions. Erm more free stuff, like better free stuff like a camera or suffun. Of course I’m going to enter. Crawl into a tent and pretend I’m in an enormous Instagram frame while having my picture taken so I can share it on social in the hope of winning a BBQ, despite already owning a BBQ. OF COURSE I WILL.
    me in tent
  6. Everyone else is doing way more than you. Vlogging, Snapchatting, pinning, kicking the arse outta this thing and generally socially showing off their blogging wares while I’ve been, well being a mum – and also carrying out the day job – which kinda takes over. But hey, you’re doing something because you’re there.
  7. Some sessions are inspiring, some really aren’t. Suck up the good, spit out the bad. Not everything is going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but you will take away a lot of blogging gems that float your boat.
  8. Meeting others. Please refer to point 4 too, but meeting others who are blogging is ace because who doesn’t want to talk to new people and connect with another of us mere mortals.

NB: The featured image of me with a jar of dummies was a competition that I didn’t win. However, I have now Instagrammed the fuck out of that image in the hope of winning a camera. GUTTED.


One thought on “8 things you’re guaranteed at a blogging conference

  1. Wonderful blog as always but Caravan Club? Have you ever met any members of a….caravan club? Oh shit of course you have! Of course there are some very nice ones.

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