When opposites just don’t attract

“It’s so easy to find something we both want to watch” said no couple ever.

Why is it so hard to find a middle ground with your partner?

Again Mr MotherFudger and I said “Let’s sit and watch something together tonight”, which followed with the inevitable 30 minutes of scrolling through Netflix/SKY while I was secretly thinking I just wanted to catch up on Bake Off and Eastenders.

As Mr MF did his usual TV Tourette’s routine of shouting out things like “Dinosaurs” “Blue Planet” “River Monsters” I slipped into my safe space again of wondering what it must be like to be in a relationship/live with someone who wants to watch the same thing. Why’s it so fucking hard?

Currently we’re watching this…


…not familiar with this beauty of a specimen. Jeremy Wade. He presents River Monsters. A dull as arse programme where he travels the world claiming to find the world’s deadliest fish. He is so overly dramatic. In one episode he nearly wept with ‘fear’ just when standing in a few inches of water because the fish in water could’ve caught him and dragged them in. Really Jeremy, really?

Every episode is peppered with phrases like “bone crunching”, “deadly” and climatic music as he pulls in his macho catch while we sit gasping about whether he will catch the ‘monster’. Jeeeeeeeeeeez. Fuck off Jeremy. I’m not sucked in by your bullshit.

Sadly Mr MF is, and he seemed to win the telly choice tonight.

Mr MotherFudger and I are truly opposite and I’m cool with that. Yin and Yang. Billy and Honey (Eastenders – natch). Salt and Pepper. (Not Salt N Pepper as in Push Push It Reeeeal Good.) And it works. Most of the time. Until we reach the TV discussion.

I hear of those urban myth couples who go through 7-series box sets together or can’t wait to download certain films. Not us.



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