Why autumn is the new New Year

Last month the boychild started school. He’s settled well and although has told me he misses me, he was ready to start. More than ready really, and for the last few months it was getting harder to stimulate his little mind. I spent all summer feeling a bit twitchy about it and not really because I was concerned he wouldn’t settle or worried he wouldn’t make new friends. I think because it highlighted what a massive milestone it was for all of us.

Unless Mother Nature throws us a curveball, he’s our last baby, so the boychild heading off into the wild world of education means I have no more babies at home.


The fur babies are the only babies at home now. *sob*

It’s proved stranger than I thought it would be in a way. I was so excited to have more time for me on my days off. Extra long coffee sessions with mum friends and a deep clean to the house (seriously what was I thinking)? Oh the time I was going to have. Ooo what I’d achieve.

I didn’t think when the time came I’d actually end up feeling a bit in limbo about it all, but it’s felt like more of a new chapter than I thought it would for me.

I’m not a standing still kinda person and often feel the pressure of what’s next in my life – I’ve always been like that. However, it really is feeling like more of a New Year and new start in many ways, and I’m both excited and itching for what else is around the corner.


Although I’m not a garden person, I’m even finding the harvest of our little veg patch satisfying and refreshing before the winter sets in. Can we all acknowledge just how immense this carrot and parsnip cuddle is. Emosh.

Since term began I’ve been seeing a personal trainer and been more motivated to go running again. Both of which are such good natural highs and although I’m an exercise hater I genuinely enjoy running when I go.

I’ve repainted the stairs after the cats scratched them (again), touched up all those bits of walls where the kids have smeared jam and finally painted the toilet door. We’ve also had our bathroom done and I’m enjoying finishing it off as it was absolutely disgusting before.


I know the skirting boards need to be done, but hmmm greeeeeeeen wall.

I’ve been working on some other creative projects, one with a friend, and it’s so refreshing and exciting. There’s nothing stopping me now – so why not? And my smug level is pretty high as I’ve even got a bit more involved with school stuff, because quite frankly for the last two years the guilt bubble has been building and I felt I should. No doubt the PTA politics will be strong. Come back in a few months for a blog on why I hate the school PTA and why I’m never going back. Insert hysterical smiley face here.

It’s made me realise I don’t need to wait for New Year to do these things. Why waste another few months before getting fit. I can do it now. Right now is the best time to start something new and that’s really exciting.

Autumn is the perfect time for new beginnings. The leaves are falling off the trees and almost cleansing themselves – so why not us. Schools are back, new years have begun there, there’s still a bit of good weather and we’re all itching to go again. What better time to launch that new idea, start a new hobby, try a different thing, just read a new book.

Happy new New Year everyone.


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